may you never forget me

inspired by this

the light which guards over all

i accidently deleted the galaxy layers while tweaking it and had to redo it all o<-<

i need ideas for con merch

ill be asking a LOT of questions related to what your fave characters coz i dont want to draw group pics SOOOO

fave magi character?

you guys are so nice;;

what do you follow me for? is it the comics or the art or fanart…???

another cheeb

trying to kawaii it up

rn its either im drawing fire emblem or im playing fire emblem really

thank you gods for this man

the best i can offer for jeans bday tbh with 15mins left for apr 7 wow

ahahahahahah your blog is perfect i absolutley love it and we should be best friends yes

ahha thanks? this… an art blog though… and idk if making friends works like that ehhe