havent had the time to draw digitally much zzz needed to paint something o<-<

9, 6, 0

i wanted to shake her a lot after finishing vlr lol

Anonymous sent : I read that you're majoring in architecture? Just wondering, how is that? Like the studying it and all? I'm applying for colleges and I'm thinking of majoring in architecture or interior arch and I'd like someone who is studying it viewpoint on it. Thank you!

oh yea i am! tbh i cant really say much. im in my 3rd year but i still feel i havent done much architecture in the major im in at UofT… most people have already done a lot of designing and such but i feel im still doing a lot of theory… some things that feel like its nothing related to archi :S

its better to go with archi so that you can branch off into interior design. archi encompasses a lot and lets you do a lot with it i guess…!

different unis have different systems too so what i say will probably not apply to other places…

Anonymous sent : How do you Ink art ?

something like a 0.1-0.3 for lines… and fw ink with a brush for the solids… ink which i initially bought for wig dyeing LOL