Anonymous sent : I absolutely adore your art! What kinds of things do you use? I understand that you use the water pen.... thing, but do you use a drawing tablet too? Sorry if you already answered this!

oh thanks! pretty sure i have this in my faq but… im mainly a digital artist and i use painttool sai w/ a wacom intuos 4

Anonymous sent : That art with mido and the flower crown is so good im gonna cry,,, thank you beautiful person. Thank you

www making people cry is my purpose in life

Anonymous sent : but-real-love-is-forever[.]tumblr[.]com/post/95903120754 Here is the tumblr repost. You can report and ask all reblogs to be removed at tumblr[.]com/dmca WeHeartIt entry is at weheartit[.]com/entry/132558832/ and can be reported at weheartit[.]com/contact/copyright if you feel the need to go that route. I wish there were less "official" means but apparently not. If you have a WeHearIt account you can report it (the three dots above the entry) but idk if that's for "this is my art" issues.

ahh thank you but it feels like such a hassle if i have to do this every time for things that should just… be buried in tumblr post hell

if things are actually getting attention then i might do something, but the images are so poor quality that im gonna hope people understand not to reblog…??

i hope everyone by now knows how dumb zerochan and weheartit are too

captaincinnabunny sent : Sorry to be a bother, but one of your pieces (VK!Toumaki) has been reposted with a weheartit source by but-real-love-is-forever (you can find it in the yowamushi pedal tag). So I thought I should point it out to you to deal with how you feel is best and not overstep my bounds...

this… increase of reposts ah—

i dont know how/never bother to deal with we heart it… for a lot of reposts i just expect people to have some common sense not to reblog things with bad or no source

Anonymous sent : just wanted you to know someone's reposted your art in the tsukiyama tag

yea i was told—

oh wait its a second one lMAO……

look at him born with a volleyball tattoo

Anonymous sent : Hi, I recently purchased a Double sided DMMd acrylic case keychain. I was wondering if the keychain would come with a small charm as well? Like how in the product pictures there was an umbrella charm for Clear? Sorry for this awful explanation. Thank you!

yes I do try to include a relevant charm to the keychains if I can remember/if they’re relevant! I may however run out of charms though;;

conversation with caephuier yesterday about toudou buying tonnes of midori charms for makishima YEA