Café Sweetheart is an art book dedicated to cake!! The images in this art book will all consist of personified types of cake (Ex. Black forest, Strawberry shortcake, Ice cream cake, etc.) In this book, there is a total of 41 amazing and talented artists from all over the globe. 

Preorders are open! 

people who make posts about the merch they buy from my storenvy are so cute ahh dokis////

giveaway is closed! winners have been notified! thank you!

Anonymous sent : Aww man. I saw your post about uni, and U of T is also a name for one of the universities in my area, so I was getting all excited about it until I googled St. George. ;-; Turns out you're in a completely different state, shahah... ;; Oops.

oh aww thats a shame ;A;//

Anonymous sent : How much time is left for your giveaway or when do you chose the winners?

I’ll close it off at 11:59pm EST! I’ll choose them probably tomorrow or at night since I never sleep haha

lies down///

theres a small forest/park near my house which was really nice to walk through on my way back from uni and all so here is me slaving away drawing bgs and bikes sweats


are any of you sweet folk attending u of t st george campus?



Anonymous sent : "the graduation is sports anime death" of your hq fanart should become meme on all sports anime

god I thought it was meme before

I thought we all knew how they die after graduation haps