Hello Im Sang and I like to draw.

I reply to most messages privately unless it is on anon (which I may or may not reply to). Questions I receive which I believe other people may want to know as well will be answered publicly. If you have more personal inquiries then you should probably be directing them to my personal/main blog.

This is a sideblog!

phantasmagoria46 replied to your photo: “made myself a tiling pattern of husbands!! unless you somehow have…”:
What anime is the guy in the lower left corner from?

hes actually from a game, fire emblem awakening lmao

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made myself a tiling pattern of husbands!!

unless you somehow have the same taste in man as i do…. please dont use!

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that being said, have people who remove comments ever considered just finding a blog theme that has the option of hiding captions???? WIN WIN SITUATION

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Anonymous: someone removed your artist comment from your kenmas gifset and it came across my dash and i just ughhghg it makes me really annoyed that it was on my dash without your comment

oh… :( this is the first time am actually aware of it since I don’t really check or anything…

thanks for telling me but I don’t really think me confronting is going to change it… esp if they’ve already seen all the posts about artist attitudes towards removing comments

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doctordickerdoodles: how do you make thos head move thingys??


imo google translate does a good job on the manual… LMAO

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ixangel: Amazing your too creative keep on ✨✨✨ such a great art!

ahha thank you;;;

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more kenmas~ i tried to make him look sleepy in the first…????

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thank you for 200+ followers!

my second emofuri…. i have to say this one looks a lot better o<-<

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gaiaonline auction prize for Yunorin!

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Anonymous: How about you just put a link to your personal blog (if there isn't one already) and make a post sayin you're answering questions over there or that people are free to talk to you. On your other blog. Keep this to you're art. :)

haha… i dont want to link my personal because my mum will find it… if she hasnt already that is…….

schwoop sangpai

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